Arik Air Baggage Allowance, Size & Cost of Extra Luggage

Since Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) took over Arik Air, Arik Air has recorded many successes. From on-time departure to excellent customer services. Among the domestic Airlines in Nigeria, Arik Air is only behind Air Peace in terms of a number of passengers that use the airline and also in fleet size.

Arik Air just like other airlines has rule and restrictions to the passenger’s baggage. If a passengers carrying-on exceeds the required size, it will be checked in. If a passenger’s luggage excessed the free baggage allowance weight, it will attract an extra cost.

Arik Air Baggage include

  • Hand baggage/carry-on
  • Excess baggage
  • Free checked in baggage
  • Special baggage

Hand Baggage/Carry-On

Hand baggage or carry-on are those bags passengers can carry into the flight. Carry-on weight restrictions sometimes are not as important as the airline may not weight it. So long as you can carry it, it is okay. Don’t make it look over stuff. You can put it on the storage bin aboard the Arik Air flight or keep it beside you.

The weight of a carry-on on an international or regional flight is 12kg while the domestic is 6kg. if the carry-on excess the weight, it will be checked-in. Carry-on include handbag, umbrella, backpack, laptop bag, briefcase, suitcase etc.

Remember that the items in your carry-on will pass through the security checks. Be careful of what you put inside, avoid all the restricted items like liquid, battery etc.

Free Checked In Baggage

Free checked in baggage are those luggage passengers are allowed put in the aircraft hold. The free baggage has a limit and the limit depends on the airline, class of service for example economy, business class and destination like domestic or international. The luggage is weighed and registered during check-in. After registering the luggage, it will be tagged for easy identification. If it exceeds the amount that the airline specified, it will attract extra cost for the luggage. 

There are also restrictions on the type of items that will be in the bag. Checked-in baggage is not accessible during flight. It is advisable for passengers to remove all the items that they may need and put it in the carry-on.

The weight of checked-in baggage allowance on Arik Air is 23kg on economy class while business class is 32kg.

Excess Baggage

Excess baggage is that baggage that exceeds the free baggage allowance and it attracts an extra cost in your local currency. For instance, if a passenger booked economy class and carries luggage that is weighed at 30kg when he/she is allowed to carry 23kg, the passenger will pay for the extra 7kg.

Arik Air allows passengers to carry 10 excess luggage. Though, it is subjected to availability of space in the aircraft. Some passengers will prefer to go for a higher class ticket that will give them the privilege to carry more luggage. 

Special Baggage

The special equipment includes bicycle, golf bag, sporting equipment, music instruments, weapon etc. This special baggage is also subject to space availability. Arik Air will charge the passenger for special baggage.

Cost Of Extra Luggage

The cost of extra luggage varies according to the destination.

All domestic passengers extra luggage cost is N500 per kilogram (kg). The domestic flight passengers extra luggage cost applies when passenger exceeds the free baggage allowance.  

Regional and international flight passengers extra luggage cost is. Also when a passenger on international flight exceeds the free international baggage allowance, a cost for the extra luggage will be applied.

Payment method.

Passengers can only pay at the airport. After weighing the luggage, the passenger will pay for the extra luggage. The passenger can pay with either card or cash over the counter.

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  1. Thanks for written a beautiful post! It was really good and informational post. I appreciated it.

  2. Thanks for written a beautiful post! It was really good and informational post. I appreciated it.

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