Arik Air and Change Challenges (How To Change Ticket)

I made up my mind to write this after my encounter with Arik Air over route change. I wrote about how to make changes (date, time and route) and lots of people have been contacting me to assist them to make changes. In the process of helping people to make changes, I have learned a few things and the challenges passengers face when changing ticket and also how to sort it out.

My Experience With Arik Air

Let me first share my encounter below because I know many may have been in this situation before.

Someone called me to help her do a route change on Arik air since the airline suspended flight operations to the route she booked (Abuja – Maiduguri).

I said okay and I collected her details (Surname and PNR). When I tried to log in, noticed that I cannot have access to the booking again (this is because when there a change like time, airline automatically take over the ticket authority. You can read more on why it is so here). 

I sent a mail to Arik concerning the ticket change (as at the time of publishing this article, there is no response from Arik Air) I checked if there is another means to contact them to do the change. Finally, I saw a number and I called.

To my surprise, the responder said there is nothing he can do. I cannot change the ticket over the phone. He said I should call back by 4 pm to get the fare difference only. I asked him if there is another way to change the ticket, he said I should go to the airport or any of their offices and change the ticket.

I went to their office and I did the change successfully. When I was about to leave, I asked if there is another way to change a ticket without coming to the office/airport? they said no I must come to their office.

Now, if a passenger is far away from the airport or in a state where there is no airport and Arik Air office what would the passenger do? For instance, if the passenger is in Akure, Ogun, Ebonyi, Nasarawa, Abia, Zamfara etc. does it mean he or she has to travel to do date, time or Route change?

I am sure some of you have experienced something like this. Well, there is always a way out. Below are few things to note before you book Arik Air ticket online.

What You Need To Know Before Booking Arik Air Ticket Online

If there is a change by the airline like date or time change (postponing flight date or time may be due to operational reasons as they will say) automatically, the Arik Air will take over the ticket authority. What this implies is you will not have access to the ticket again. You cannot modify the ticket again yourself.

The reason this is so is that, there is an advice code that will display on the ticket that you need to accept. Only the airline and authorized travel agents (if you booked through an agent) can have access to the ticket.

How To Make Changes to Arik ticket you don’t have access to

There are two ways make changes.

Through the airline

You can make changes by visiting the airline office or by going to the airport to make the change. If you are far away from any of the Arik Air offices or Airport, I would advise you first check flight availability for the new date, time or route you want. It will be a waste of time going to the office or airport only to find out that there is no flight operation that day.

Through An Agent.

Why agent? I added agents because they have a platform that can allow them to have access to ticket you cannot view on the airline website. This is only possible if you booked through the agent. Another reason I added agent is because they have contact with the airline. They can take away the stress from you. Assuming you’re in a state where there is no Arik air office or airport. Transporting yourself to the office or airport may be expensive compared to when you contact a reliable agent to assist you.

We Can Change for you

If you cannot contact the airline, kindly Contact us for assistance/enquiry. 08135146188 or 08167650848 (Call or WhatsApp) we are available 24/7

Do you have issues with Arik Air or you want to change your Arik Air ticket, contact us for quick assistance?

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If you have any challenge or question, comment below or contact us for quick assistance.

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