Air Peace Starts Cheap Flight From Ilorin To Lagos & Abuja

Air Peace has joined the Ilorin, Kwara State Flights. Today, 17 June 2021, Air Peace started daily flight operations from Lagos and Abuja to Ilorin, Kwara state. The addition of Air Peace flight to Kwara will increase the number of flights to North Central.

Today, June 17, 2021, we officially kicked off flight operations into Ilorin, Kwara State capital. You can now connect the Middle Belt city daily from Lagos and Abuja and experience the Air Peace hospitality.

Cost Of Flight To Ilorin, Kwara from Lagos and Abuja

Of course, the cost of a flight will always vary and greatly depends on the date you want to travel. I can only try to give you a rough cost estimate. I used a far date and I noticed that air peace flights from NGN 38,000 for a one-way economy. On the return from Ilorin to either Lagos or Abuja, the price starts from NGN 38,000.

This is a one-way economy ticket and the price can go higher depending on the date you want to travel. You can book early to secure a cheap flight ticket.

Flight Days

Air Peace has a daily flight (Monday – Sunday) from both Lagos and Abuja to Ilorin. Excerpt the seats are fully booked, there is nothing to worry about.

Air Peace Starts Cheap Flight From Ilorin To Lagos & Abuja
Air Peace Pilot and Kwara State Representatives

Airlines Operating Flights to Ilorin and the competition

Ilorin is a hot zone already. Now that Air Peace has joined, there are now four (4) airlines flights from Abuja to Ilorin and Lagos to Ilorin.

Abuja to Ilorin Flights

  • Air Peace
  • Arik Air
  • Overland Airways

Lagos To Ilorin flights

  • Air Peace
  • Overland Airways
  • Green Africa

The competition

The hit is on already. Air Peace has crashed the price for passengers from Abuja to Ilorin. Arik Air and Overland were charging very high but this Air Peace price is going to affect other airlines.

Thanks to Green Africa Airways, Lagos to Ilorin passengers can get a flight that is as low as NGN 17,000 (if you book early).

Air Peace Starts Cheap Flight From Ilorin To Lagos & Abuja
Air Peace Crew and Kwara State Gov.

How To Book Your Flight

It’s very easy to book flights to Ilorin. Just chose a date, go to the airline’s website and make a booking or contact a reliable agent like us to handle your flight booking.

We are available to help you with Air Peace Flight Change and Flight Bookings. Feel free to contact us for more information or clarification – 08135146188 or 08167650848 (Call or WhatsApp). We are available 24/7

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