Air Peace Set To Start Nigeria To London Flight Services

Air Peace Set To Start Nigeria To London Flight Services

Air Peace has continued to redefine travel in Nigeria and West Africa as a whole. The leading airline in Nigeria just secured a permit to start flight operations to Europe from Nigeria. Air Peace secured the permit that allows airlines from other regions to fly to Europe and the Third Country Operator Permit (TCO-UK) which enables airlines to operate in the UK.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Air Peace, Allen Onyema, disclosed that the airline has secured a Foreign Carrier Operator Permit, FCOP, which allows airlines from other regions to fly to Europe and a Third Country Operator Permit (TCO-UK) that enables airlines to operate to the UK.

He said: “We obtained these permits that qualify us to fly to the UK. Before you obtain these approvals, they will audit you very well. You have to go through a stringent audit, which we passed. We obtained the permit last week.”

In its nine (9) years of operations, Air Peace now has six international destinations. The latest international destination is the direct flights from Lagos, Abuja and Kano to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Air Peace started the scheduled commercial flight operation last week with their B777 aircraft. The total number of passengers that were onboard the inaugural flight from Kano to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, was 231.

When will the Air Peace Flight To London, UK Start?

Now that Air Peace has secured the permit to enter Europe, the airline will communicate when the flight operations will start. For now, there is no date when the flight will resume.

Do Nigerians Need Visa to Enter London, UK with Air Peace?

Yes, you must have a valid visa before you will be allowed to board Air Peace from Nigeria to the United Kingdom. You can process the United Kingdom visa yourself or contact a reliable travel agency like ours to assist you with a UK visa process.

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