Air Peace Lagos Sharjah/Dubai Flight Requirements

If you’re travelling to Dubai with Air Peace via Sharjah International Airport, this airport procedure is for you. Coronavirus has changed lots of things in the world including how we travel. Starting from arrival at the airport to boarding although to final arrival at your destination, everything has changed. There are new measures in place to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The requirements below are for passengers when travelling or arrival from/ to Sharjah International Airport. The rules below vary depending on the type of passenger you are or the type of visa you’re holding.

There are rules for the United Arab Emirates Nationals, residents and visitors and tourists. You can read all or focus on your visa requirements.

Entry of visitors and tourists through Sharjah Airport 

  • Allow entry of visitors/tourists from all countries through Sharjah Airport, with the following requirements:
  • Booking of an airline ticket.
  • Mandatory international health insurance for Tourists/ Visitors before Arrival.
  • Tourists/ visitors should obtain a negative PCR result four Days (96 hours) prior to the date of travel from the country of departure, presenting a proof of that when arriving at Sharjah airport. The same PCR test will be conducted again upon arrival.
  • The test must be from a government-approved COVID-19 test centre.
  • The original result and a photocopy must be brought to the airport for check-in. 
  • Arriving passengers must sign a pledge form and fill out a health disclosure form and handing it over to the competent authorities at Sharjah airport.
  • Self-quarantine in the hotel or place of residence until test results are received.
  • Downloading AL HOSAN Application is obligatory.
  • Health isolation for positive cases in accordance with the procedures followed by the UAE Ministry of Health.

Residents returning to the UAE through Sharjah Airport

  1. Allowing residents to enter through Sharjah Airport without the need to obtain prior approvals.
  2. Mandatory PCR Test before travelling to Sharjah Airport and the negative result should not exceed 96 hours from the date of travel.
  3. A PCR test will be conducted again upon arrival at Sharjah Airport.
  4. If negative the traveller is free to move.
  5. Isolation for positive cases at the expense of the traveller/sponsor as per MOH & Prevention.
  6. Download Al HOSAN Application.

UAE Citizens and residents Traveling abroad Through Sharjah Airport

  1. Allowing UAE nationals and residents to travel to any destination subject to route availability and procedures/regulations of each country.
  2. Conduct a PCR test before travel subject to required procedures only to destinations that require it.
  3. Adherence to the safety and health procedures followed in the countries of destination.
  4. The necessity of having health insurance when traveling abroad.

If your flight was affected by this notice, kindly contact us for possible flight Change/reschedule.

We are available to help you with Air Peace Flight Change and Flight Bookings. Feel free to contact us for more information or clarification – 08135146188 or 08167650848 (Call or WhatsApp). We are available 24/7

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