Air Peace Introduces Premium Economy on Dubai Flights

You can travel to Dubai with comfort when you fly air Peace to Dubai. Air Peace will resume flights to Dubai on the 5th of February 2021. It is a nonstop flight (direct flight) from Lagos to Dubai. Recently United Arab Emirates authorities suspended all connecting flights from entering Dubai.

So, the only flights that are allowed to enter Dubai are nonstop flights. From Nigeria, Emirates and Air Peace are the only airlines qualified to enter Dubai. Emirates flies from Abuja and Lagos while Air Peace is from Lagos to Dubai.

Air Peace Premium Economy Cabin Benefits

Air Peace Premium Economy Cabin came with Superb offers. Passengers with a premium class ticket are set to enjoy more comfort, culinary indulgences and priority check-in and boarding.

The Premium Economy Cabin seats are not just seats. It’s more than a seat because it came with comfort. Passengers can recline the seat to a 180-degree flat-bed. There is nothing to worry when you fly with Air Peace Premium Economy Cabin ticket. You’re comfort and relaxation is guaranteed.

The food served in the Premium Economy Cabin is different and it is served with a glass of award-winning wine. There is also a wide range of complimentary drinks you will enjoy on the Premium Economy Cabin.

When its time to check-in, Premium Economy Cabin passengers have a dedicated check-in counter. You don’t need the long queue at the economy counter. Premium Economy Cabin passenger’s baggage is also handled with special care and priority is giving to them.  

Cost Of Premium Economy Cabin ticket.

The cost of Air Peace Premium Economy Cabin starts from NGN 403,000 (for a return ticket) while one way starts from NGN 300,000The price can go higher. It’s better to book air in advance in other to get a cheaper and a better fare.

The Premium Economy Cabin tickets are refundable but a partly used ticket is not refundable. The refund can be a full refund if the airline cancels the flight. You can also get a refund if you cancel the flight but it will not be a full refund. The refund will come less the administrative charges.

How To Book Air Peace Premium Economy Cabin Ticket?

There are ways to book the Premium Economy Cabin ticket. You can book on the Air Peace Website or through a travel agent. We can also book the Premium Economy Cabin ticket for you.

Feel free to contact us to book Air Peace Flights for you – +2348135146188 or +2348167650848 (Call or WhatsApp). We can assist you all through the booking process. We are available 24/7

Premium Economy Cabin VS Economy Cabin

Are you contemplating whether to book Premium Economy Cabin or Economy Cabin? Or you want to know the difference between the two cabins?

Premium Economy Cabin is better than Economy. There is a difference between the two cabins. The differences vary from one airline to another and also the type of aircraft will affect the difference. Generally, the Premium Economy Cabin benefits are:

  • More legroom
  • A separate menu and advance entertainment – a large selection of foods.
  • Privacy
  • 180-degree reclining seats.
  • Wider seats.
  • Fast check-in – there is a dedicated counter for you.
  • Priority on baggage.
  • Wide range of complimentary wines and drinks.
  • Dedicated flight attendance.

I think the answer to the question “Premium Economy Cabin VS Economy Cabin” depends on how much you have to pay for a ticket. As you can see, it is more expensive than the economy class tickets.

Another thing to consider is your situation. If you are tall or fat, the extra legroom or wider seats can make a difference. It can make you comfortable. Premium Economy Cabin can serve as an alternative to business class.

How TO Get Upgraded from Economy to Premium Economy Cabin

You can upgrade from economy to Premium Economy Cabin by paying more money for the upgrade or by using your air peace miles.

Feel free to contact us to book Air Peace Flights for you – +2348135146188 or +2348167650848 (Call or WhatsApp). We can assist you all through the booking process. We are available 24/7

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