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I am writing this article based on the number of requests I get concerning Baggage allowance. I know most people are actually concerned about the excess baggage cost. They just want to know how much they are going to pay in case if they exceed the free baggage allowance.

I know someone that canceled a flight just because of the baggage allowance. The main reason why he canceled the flight is that the amount he was supposed to pay for excess baggage was high and after calculating, he found out another airline would be better if he adds the ticket cost and cost for excess baggage.

So I am going to review every detail concerning Air Peace baggage allowance so that when next you are travelling, you will mind how to pack. I am a big fan of “Travel Light” anyways and I would advise you to pack what is necessary when travelling.

Air Peace baggage allowance and cost varies in two ways. First is in the class of service and second is the route. What I am trying to say is, your class of service will determine the weight of free baggage allowance. The class of service here means economy and business class while the route is the domestic and regional route.

The weight of free Baggage allowance and cost for excess Baggage in Economy and Business (Domestic Flights Only)

Air Peace free baggage allowance for an economy class on all domestic flight (Flights within Nigeria) is 20kg (kilogram) while business class free baggage allowance is 40kg.

Cost for excess baggage.

The cost of excess baggage for both economy and business class is N500 per kilogram.

The weight of free Baggage allowance and cost for excess Baggage in Economy and Business (Regional Flights Only)

For regional flights, economy passengers are entitled to 30kg free baggage allowance while business class passengers are entitled to 40kg baggage allowance. Air Peace regional flights are from Nigeria to Accra, Freetown Banjul Dakar and Monrovia.

The Cost of excess baggage (regional flights only)

The cost of excess baggage for both economy and business class passengers is $3/N1,200

I believe there is no need to explain why business class passengers free baggage allowance is higher than the economy passengers.

Children and Infant Baggage Allowance on Air Peace Flight

Infants pay 10% of the adult ticket fare in all Classes and is entitled to a maximum of 10kg of luggage in either Economy class or Business Class. This infant luggage can be checked-in or used as carry on Cabin baggage.

Each Adult or Child passenger is allowed to carry only one piece of hand luggage weighing not more than 6kg in Economy class and 10kg in Business class with size not exceeding 45x33x20 cm in addition to a carry-on purse or handbag or Laptop.

How to Pay For Excess Baggage

All excess baggage cost will be paid at the airport. As you arrive at the airport, your baggage will be weighed and if it exceeds the free baggage allowance, you will pay for the excess at the airport counter.

Like as I said before, you can actually avoid this excess baggage cost simply by packing light. How to pack light, first by packing what is necessary and secondly, by reading this post about how to pack.

Make sure you pack only the items that are acceptable. Some items are prohibited, that is you are not allowed to travel with it via plane. You can choose any other means of transportation to transport them. If you are packing, make sure you seal your bag very well to avoid theft.

Is there anything you would like to know about baggage allowance? Let us know in the comment section. We will respond as soon as possible.

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  1. How much is excess luggage from Dubai to Nigeria and what is the maximum kg for excess luggage?

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