Aero Flights Cancellation and How To Get A Refund

Dear Esteemed Customer,
Please be informed that your flight N2-196 from Abuja to Asaba on the 18th of April, 2021 has been cancelled.
This is due to operational reasons.
We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this may cause you.

This is just the worst news traveller can get from an airline. Well, to Aero frequent passengers, this is just like a love text message from Aero to them. It’s not a new thing to them again because they are used to Aero cancellation. 

I was at the Aero office today and passenger 1 said, I will never forgive Aero if I miss my interview. According to her, she supposed to travel for an interview before Aero shattered her plans.

Passenger 2 had all things planned before Aero decided to use their Thanos power on her. She said she will never use Aero again. She said she doesn’t mind if the airline shifts the flight time but flight cancellation is a No for her.

The crazy thing about Aero contractor flight cancellation is, the flight will be cancelled less than 24 hours before your flight departure time. At this point, you have to look for another alternative airline if you want to travel or apply for a flight change. 

Last minutes flights are always expensive and sometimes, they may be no seat available again from other airlines.

These days, when you book Aero, you need to book an alternative airline just in case they do their usual thing, you know na. 

We asked one of the Aero representatives why there is a frequent flight cancellation. She said they cancel anytime the aircraft develops faults. In other to avoid an accident, the airline would rather cancel the flight.

How To Get Aero Refund

One good thing about Aero flight cancellation is, you will get a full refund from the airline immediately either at the airport or at the city office.

If Aero cancels a flight, you have 2 options.

Option 1: Change your flight.

If Aero cancels your flight, you can change your flight to another destination or another date at no extra cost. All you have to do is contact the airline or a travel agent like us to assist with the flight change.

Click here to read on How to Change Aero contractors Flight Date, Time & Route

Option 2: Refund

Option 2 is to ask for a refund. Aero is the only domestic airline in Nigeria that will refund you immediately on the same day. This refund money will be given to you right away but the only challenge is if there is no cash at the moment, you will be asked to wait a little time to get your money.

You can get your refund at the Airport or the city office. Airport refund is always faster than the city office because they have more cash at hand.

You can ask a trusted travel agent like us to help facilitate the refund process on your behalf. 

Our Suggestion and Solution to Aero.

This cancellation is getting out of hand and it’s not good again. Refunding is not enough because getting a flight on the same date is not easy. It’s either the flight is available and expensive or there is no seat at all. If you have something very important to do and Aero cancels, that’s a big problem.

I think Aero should interline with other airlines so that they can transfer their passengers to another airline anytime they want to cancel a flight. Passengers will be glad to board another airline instead of getting a message that their flight has been cancelled. 

You cannot say your airline is the “Reliable way to fly” and you will be unreliable. You cannot be the “Reliable way to fly” and still be unpredictable.

Codeshare or interlining with other domestic airline is one of the ways to help in a situation like this instead of putting passengers on the spot.

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