Aero Contractors Suspends Flight Operations

Aero Contractors Suspends Flight Operations

Aero Contractors suspend flights until further notice due to the challenges facing the airline’s daily flight operations. Aero contractors released a statement stating that the airline will suspend operations on Wednesday, July 20, 2022.

According to the statement, the temporary flight suspension is due to the current aircraft maintenance most of the aircraft are undergoing. This aircraft maintenance is affecting the airline’s smooth and seamless flight operations.  

The airline stated that the flight suspension does not affect their other services like the Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO) otherwise known as AeroMRO, the Approved Training Organisation (ATO) also known as Aero Training School, and the Helicopter and Charter Services operations.

The Aero Contractors Statement

The statement from Aero Contractors partly reads, ‘’Due to the impact of challenging operating environment on our daily operations, the management of Aero Contractors Company of Nig. Ltd wishes to announce the temporary suspension of its scheduled passenger service operations with effect from Wednesday, July 20, 2022.

“This does not in any way affect the maintenance activities of the Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO) otherwise known as AeroMRO, the Approved Training Organisation (ATO) also known as Aero Training School, the Helicopter and Charter Services operations.

‘’The decision was carefully considered and taken due to the fact that most of our aircraft are currently undergoing maintenance resulting in our inability to offer a seamless and efficient service to our esteemed customers.

‘’We are working to bring these aircraft back to service in the next few weeks, so we can continue to offer our passengers the safe, efficient, and reliable services that Aero Contractors is known for, which is the hallmark of Aero Contractors Company of Nig. Ltd.’’

Aero apologised to its customers for the inconvenience and promised to return to service as soon as possible.

It added, “In the meantime, we are working assiduously to return to service as quickly as possible, and do assure our esteemed customers and stakeholders of our determination, that our short absence will not create any major void in the market, as we are coordinating with our business partners to ensure minimum discomfort to ticket holders.

“As members of Spring Alliance (a commercial alliance with member airlines providing mutual support in the area of operations), we are liaising with our partner airlines to minimise the impact on our esteemed customers.

“Our customer service team will be working to help affected esteemed customers reach their destinations.

“We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused to our esteemed customers and promise to return to service as soon as possible.

“We thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding at this time.”

What You Should Do

If you’re affected by the flight suspension, you have three options to choose from. The options are listed below.

Keep The Ticket Open

The first option is to open the ticket and keep it with the airline until when they will resume flight operations. When the airline resumes, you can change the ticket and use it to any destination the airline operates flights.

Ask For a Refund from Aero Contractors

You can ask for a refund if you don’t want to wait for the airline to resume. You are entitled to a full refund since the airline cancelled the flight. For a fast refund, you can go to the airport or the airline office to get a cash refund. Go with your mean of identification and authorization letter if you’re collecting it on behalf of someone.

We can assist you with the refund process if you don’t know how to process it.

Switch to another airline

Aero Contractors is one of the spring alliance airlines. Air Peace, Azman Air, United Nigeria Airline, Arik Air, Aero Contractors and Max Air teamed up to curb flight delays and cancellations. The airline started an alliance called Spring Alliance. The Alliance aim to help one another in case of flight delays and cancellations. You can ask the airline to put you in one of the airlines that are under the spring alliance.

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