I was opportune to join the Abuja light train from the Abuja metro station to the airport and from the airport back to the metro station. It was indeed a great experience for me and other passengers that joined the train ride.

The Beginning (Getting To The Station)

I joined the second train for the day from Abuja metro station to the Airport. The Abuja Metro station is located at the Central area (473 Constitution Avenue, Central Business District, Abuja) might be a bit difficult to locate for first timers; the popular landmark close to the metro station is the Churchgate.

I took a taxi from Transcop Hilton to the metro station. As I said earlier, the metro station is not all that popular, so I had to direct the taxi driver that took me on the routes to follow until we got there.

Abuja Metro Light Train coming to the Metro station from Idu Station

At The Terminal (The Metro Station)

I arrived at the Abuja Metro Station a few minutes before departure and went straight to the ticketing area to get my ticket. The ticketing area is relatively different from that of Abuja – Kaduna line. The metro station is a one-storey building painted in ash colour with the Abuja Metro station boldly written in front of the building. Passengers have to pass through the security scanner before proceeding to the ticket counter for their tickets.

POS Machine at the Abuja Metro Station

There are two methods of payment at the station. First is by cash. All you have to do is walk to the ticket sales representatives, tell them your destination, hand over the cash and they will print your ticket for you. The second method is via a POS machine. If you want to pay via the POS machine, you have to insert your ATM card, select your destination, and click pay. The machine will print your ticket immediately.

After getting my ticket, I joined other passengers to seat in the waiting seats in the ticketing area. There are seats for the general public and also for the VIPs.

VIP waiting section at the Abuja Metro Station

There is a restaurant at the terminal where passengers can have their meal. Though I don’t know the kinds of foods the offer, from the look of things, I guess the will have a good menu. So if you missed your Breakfast or Lunch, don’t worry, you can have a good meal at the metro station.

The Boarding

We were called to board 10 minutes before departure time and we had to queue for ticket confirmation. All passengers presented their tickets for checking and confirmation before boarding.

On Board The Train

The moment the ticket checker confirmed my ticket, she allowed me to move to the train. I moved in immediately and sat down. On board the train, I noticed there was no cabin attendant, no lavatory and there was no security on board. The seats are arranged in linear form and there is a provision for standing. That means if you are not lucky to get a seat on time, you will stand for 40 minutes if you are going to the airport and 20 minutes if you are going to Idu station. That’s a long ride friend.

Passengers aboard the Abuja Metro train

Just a few minutes past 20:30 we departed the Abuja Metro station. After 20 minutes, the train stopped at Idu station before going to the airport. Idu is just like the train hub. That is, all train coming to Abuja, will stop at Idu first before moving to other stations.

We had five minutes of dwelling time at the Idu station. During the dwelling time, some passengers alighted at the station while others joined us to the airport. Then, we moved for another 20 minutes ride to the airport where we all disembarked from the train.

Amadi Inya on-board the Abuja metro light train

At The Airport Station

The moment the train stopped at the airport, all the passengers on board the train alighted. Those that want to return with the train went to the airport ticket counter for their tickets.

Ticket Prices

The price varies according to destinations, age and physical condition. From the Metro station to and from the Airport is NGN 1,000 for adults while children and physically challenged passengers is NGN 700.

From the Metro station to and from the Idu station is NGN 500 for adults while children and physically challenged passengers are NGN 300.

Abuja Metro Light Rail ticket

Also, adults will pay NGN 500 from Idu Station to Airport while children and physically challenged passengers will pay NGN 300 same is applicable for passengers from Airport Station to Idu Station.

Time Table

See photo below

Abuja Metro Light Rail timetable


Direction to the Metro Station from different places. There are several ways of getting to the metro station.

From Zuba, Kubwa, Bwari, Dutse, and Mpape

For those coming from Zuba, Kubwa, Bwari, Dutse, and Mpape enter a cab/taxi going to Wuse market. When you get to Wuse market, enter Area one cab and tell the driver to stop you at Churchgate before National Defense Headquarters (ship house). The Abuja metro station is behind the Churchgate building.


Stop at secretariat road before area one junction and enter taxi going to the secretariat and stop at the church gate. If you want, you can stop at area one and enter Wuse taxi and stop at Churchgate.

From Maraba, Nyaya, and others

For those coming from the above-mentioned areas, stop at NNPC towers junction. Enter another cab going to area one and stop at the same Churchgate.

Passengers aboard the Abuja Metro train

From Kuje, Abaji, and Lugbe

Get a cab going to the secretariat and stop at the Churchgate. If you cannot get secretariat, enter Area one cab. When you get there, enter Wuse market cab and stop at the Churchgate.

From Apo, Gudu, Area One etc.

Those from Apo, Gudu stop at area one and enter a cab going to Wuse market and stop at the Churchgate.

Why Churchgate?

Churchgate is a popular landmark that is very close to the Abuja metro station. Secondly, almost all the drivers know the Churchgate building.

Have you travelled by train before? Share your experience here.

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