Abuja Metro Light Rail: All You Need To Know (Video)

I finally squeezed out time from my schedule to ride the Abuja Metro Light Train that was commissioned recently by President Muhammadu Buhari.

It was a nice experience and I enjoyed myself. You can read more on the train in this article here.

I decided to write this in order to beat down your expectations. The moment we Nigerians hear about the train, lots of things will be running through our mind. Some will start comparing it to the type they saw in one American movie.

Ohhh! Hope it’s fast and secured. What about the cost, security nko. Toor, I don’t want to go there and I will not see anybody. This and more are some of the questions people ask.

Below are some of the things you need to know about the Abuja metro light rail

The train does not look new and hey it’s not a high-speed train. It takes 20 minutes to move from the Abuja metro station (central Area) to Idu station and another 20 minutes to move from Idu station to the airport station.

It will observe 5 minutes dwelling time at the Idu station before going to the airport or to the metro station. That means it takes 45 minutes to move from the central area (Metro station) to the airport. If the distance is 30km, calculate the speed of the train using the time stated above. ***Wink.

Please note that there is no restroom/lavatory on board the train, so mind what you eat and make sure you eat light else it’s gonna be a hell damn ride for you. Hope you grab.

Abuja Metro Light Rail: All You Need To Know (Video)
Hooks to hold hands in the Abuja metro train

For latecomers, the train cabin was designed in such a way that it has hooks for you to hold your hand and stand all through your journey. What I am trying to say is this, there is a provision for passengers to stand and don’t mind there is a place for you to hold your hand and enjoy/suffer all through the journey.

You can only buy a one-way ticket. Unlike the airline, there is no provision for passengers to buy a return ticket. The reason is what I don’t know. So, passengers have to buy their tickets separately.

For now, you cannot buy the ticket online.

All passengers are expected to be at the stations 30 minutes before departure. Ticket counters close 5 minutes before departure. There is no African time.

There is a standby taxi waiting at the metro station that will convey passengers from the metro station to area one, Wuse through secretariat and Berger.

I saw another side of Abuja. The train rail passed through the villages in Abuja. The only beautiful house along the track is the newly commissioned Economic and financial crime commission (EFCC) headquarters. Every other ones are thatch houses.

Passengers can have a clear view of the famous rock in the Nigeria – Zuma Rock.

The train is safe and secured. There is still need to watch your luggage.

The price varies according to age, destination and physical condition. (Check the full price here)

PS: All that the above observations like ticket price, time, schedule etc. may change any time and any day.

Have you travelled by train in Nigeria before? Share your experience

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