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Impossible is absolutely NOTHING. A new restaurant in Chongqing, China took dining experience to another level entirely. Imaging dinning in an aircraft-inspired restaurant. Everything you see aboard the aircraft is in the restaurant but you won’t experience turbulence ( for those that have a phobia, you are covered). The windows are just like aircraft windows and the seats are well arranged. The waiters dress and communicate like the air hostesses. In fact, the waiters have the same skills, training and traditions of the hostesses.

A Restaurant Designed Like Airbus A380 Airplane Cabin
Restaurant designed like a flight. Here looks like the economy class – Image: laughingsquid.com

Before you ask me the ticket price, pls note that you are flying to know where and there is no need to pay for a ticket. All you need is to pay for the table and according to the restaurant manager; the most expensive seats go for $1,590 (It’s a luxury restaurant and not a place for jamboree hehehe). You can convert it to your local currency and do the maths yourself.

Would you like to go on a date in this kind of restaurant?

A Restaurant Designed Like Airbus A380 Airplane Cabin
The Ovoid shape tables that cost about $1,590 – Image: laughingsquid.com
A Restaurant Designed Like Airbus A380 Airplane Cabin
Waiter taking order from a customer – Image: laughingsquid.com
A Restaurant Designed Like Airbus A380 Airplane Cabin
A Waiter arranging the table – Image: laughingsquid.com

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