7 ways to safeguard your Travel photos

Taking pictures while traveling is one of those things tourists cannot do without. What if after taking the photos and you later discovered that the memory card is broken or some stole the memory card. What would you do? All the photos, all the memories will be gone forever. This happened to me and I was really mad. All I did was to chill since I cannot do anything. In other not to be a victim of these circumstances, I am going to share 7 ways to safeguard your Travel photos

Don’t use only one memory card

Memory cards are very cheap and affordable, you can buy as many as you want while traveling, maybe from 3 to 5 and above. I would advise you keep it in different places in your bag. Another thing is, don’t wait for the memory card to be filled before changing. You can rotate it. And of course, this will reduce the chance of losing your beautiful pictures.

Use water-tight cases for your camera and memory cards

In other to safeguard your camera and your memory cards from damage, put them in a water tight cases. Your camera and memory cards are often subjected to the rigours of travel. Don’t expose them to sunlight and rain. Keep in cool/dry place.

Backup your camera

Backup is another means of safeguarding your pictures. Use external hard drive or your personal computer to back them up. If anything happens to the camera you’re on a safer side as you can easily recover them from your computer or the external hard drive you used to backup.

Use cloud storage services

This is perhaps one of the best ways of backing up. The first time I saw this on Google I was glad because it is most reliable and secured. All you need to do is log in to your Google account and upload the pictures. Just remember your login details and also beware of hackers. And keep your password safe. I would advise you keep it to yourself alone.

Upload it on a social network

Yes, you heard me right. Social network like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc are not just for chatting alone. Upload your pictures as soon as possible. I do it a lot, once I go on a tour as I snap I upload them on my Facebook or Instagram.

7 ways to safeguard your Travel photos
Don’t just delete pictures

One thing I don’t do is deleting picture anyhow on my phone, I keep them because I may need them later. The habit of deleting pictures you do not want is not good and it’s also unprofessional. If you want to delete any picture, it is advisable to delete it with your camera rather than the one you back up on your personal computer or hard drive.

Data recovery

If you failed to do any of the above, then the only option left for you is to recover your photos by using a data recovery program or software available. Look for program or software that can recover photos. Even if your memory card is bad do not throw them away. You can try the data recovery process you may be lucky.
How do you safeguard your travel photos?

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