These Are The 7 Things Travellers Should Not Do While Traveling

Tourists are always regarded as the pioneer of negative demonstrative effect. The aim of every tourist is to explore the world while trying to leave negative impacts on the locals, destinations, and attractions they encounter when traveling

Last week I publish and articles on 36 facts about travels and destination that is capable of triggering travellers to deer for more. In the article, I discussed on how travel can improve one’s problem-solving skills and much more. One of the aims of running this blog is to educate travellers on how to have a less impact especially the negative impacts on the destination, people, and attractions.

Below are the 7 things travellers shouldn’t do while traveling

Lion – Credit: Pixabay

1. Be careful with wildlife (Don’t feed them)

It is now like a norm, almost all the tourist like feeding all kinds of animal they see in the park or zoo even the one they met on the road. There are two main reasons why you should not feed wildlife. First, the more humans feed animals, the more they get used to human and depend on the human for food.
Secondly, some of the foods consumed by human are not compactable or good for wildlife. So from today henceforth, if you see any tourist or tourist guide that is feeding animal speak up and frown against it. Thank you.

2. Ask for permission before taking photograph

Now put yourself in the shoes of your targets. Just imagine someone taking your picture, how would you feel? The same way you will feel bad, is the same way the people you’re taking their picture will feel. Just because you see little children playing or market women doing their normal business you think you can just bring out your camera and snap them.
The first thing to do before taking pictures of anyone is to take permission. Talk to them politely and in a respectful manner. If they decline, don’t pick offense. In some countries, it is a taboo to take pictures. For example, in Morocco and other Islamic countries, it is a taboo or considered rude to take pictures of mosques and other religious artifacts. Before you position your lens, take permission.

Don’t Litter the environment – Credit Pixabay

3. Keep the environment clean. Don’t mess the environment.

Like my friend will always say, everyone does it that does not make it right. Just because you see locals or other tourist littering the environment does not mean that is the right thing to do. There is a particular state in Nigeria that it is a punishable offense to litter the environment. There are trash bins or recycling centres everywhere in the city. One of the major problems of developing countries is the lack of recycling bin. That’s why you see tourists and locals littering the cities. Don’t join them.

4. Consider other means of transportation

I will not tell you to stop flying but have a rethink on the number of time you will fly. Flight is the fastest means of transportation but air transportation is a major contributor to carbon dioxide emissions which is causing the earth warm and a fastest and dangerous rate. Save the earth by using other means of transportation like the car, train, and boat. Though it may take the longer time it is also less expensive.

Tourists in the Local Market – Credit Pixabay

5. Not patronizing local goods

Help grow the economy of your destination country by patronizing locally made goods and services. This entails eating the local cousin, hotel and purchasing local souvenirs. Your small amount of money will go a long way to help grow the economy of the host community.

6. Don’t take selfie with wildlife

I know you must have seen pictures of tourists with wild animals like leopard, lion etc. on Instagram. One of the Afrotourist called Niyi last month posted pictures he took with a lion on Facebook. He also went as far as listing rules and regulations of lion walk. While the pictures look cool, it is also wrong. An animal is animal and wildlife remains wildlife. They are dangerous. Some of the dangerous wildlife to avoid is lion, tiger, leopard, elephant, dolphins and much more.

7. Avoid scam

The beauty of every travel is to explore your destination, learn a new culture and leave a less negative impact. And to achieve this, a tourist must be respectful. It has been reported over and over again in the national dailies on how supposed tourists turn out to be a torn in the flesh of the host. Be a Good Tourist.



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