7 Indispensable Travel Tips On How To Safeguard Your Luggage While Travelling

The rate at which passengers’ lose their luggage is alarming. One cannot pinpoint exactly when his/her stuff will go missing. It’s either you misplace it or baggage handlers steal it. There have been some cases where passengers steal from fellow passengers.

Before you leave your house to the airport, you need to ask yourself one question. Ask yourself how safe are my belongings? Despite that, there are security personals and security gadgets around the airport and inside an aeroplane, passengers are still losing their belongings every day by day.

Some of the thieves are professionals; the only take those things that you will not remember in a hurry. To safeguard your baggage, there are some certain measures you need to put in place. You need to apply these measures from your home, airport and even in the aeroplane. 

7 indispensable travel tips on how to safeguard your luggage while travelling

Pack Wisely

As a traveller, it is pertinent for you to learn how to pack right. If you want to enjoy your trip, travel light. Pack mostly some of the things you will need and most importantly, avoid restricted items.  You don’t need to go to the airport to find out the restricted items. At the comfort of your home, you can just log into the internet and find out the restricted items. 

Use a hard-sided suitcase

The kind of bag you carry will also decide how safe your properties will be. Avoid bags made with fabrics because thieves can easily cut the fabrics and steal your belongings. We recommend hard-sided suitcase because it is hard to break into. 

7 indispensable travel tips on how to safeguard your luggage while travelling

Lock your bag properly

Buying a hard-sided suitcase is not the end. You need to lock your bags properly. Buy a strong and reliable lock. Make sure it’s not the kind that could be easily copied. Some of these baggage handlers use master keys to open bags. 

Stay close to your bags 

Try as much as you can to stay close to your bag. Let your eyes be on them. Where ever you’re going, go with your bags. But if you cannot carry them along with you, tell the security to watch over it. A woman once left her bags in my colleague’s custody. Unfortunately for her, my colleague left the bags there because his plane arrived and he has to leave the waiting room. Only God knows what happened to lady’s bag later. 

All in one (let valuable be in carry-on)

If possible put all your belongings in one place. Most importantly, keep your valuable items like laptop, Jewry, wallet, travel documents and others in one place. Keep them where you can easily access them. Even if you’re looking for them, you can pinpoint where you kept them.  

Let all your valuables be close to you. Your travel documents (Visa, Passport, boarding pass), wallet, laptop, medicine, Jewry etc. put them in your carry-on. Your carry-on will make them handy if you need anything. 

Mark Your Bag (Decoration)

Use something to decorate your bag so that you can recognise it even from afar. Mark it with colours or something you’re familiar with. It will help you to find your luggage immediately on arrival. It will cut the chances of someone taking your bag by mistake. 

Keep your bag close to the plane

Once you get on board, don’t separate yourself from your bag. Keep your bag in the overhead compartment across your seat. This will help you to keep track of your bags.  

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