7 Indispensable Items Most Travellers Often Forget To Pack When Packing

Packing is the most difficult and hardest part of traveling. I remember vividly very well the day I wanted to travel, I did my normal fire brigade packing. After packing, I found out that most of the essential items I need to travel with are still on the ground because there was no space again in my bag. Well, thanks to my friend who unpacked everything and repacked again. 

I procrastinate a lot when it comes to packing. If the president says if you don’t know how to pack your bag when traveling raise up your hand. I would definitely be among the first 10 people. :mrgreen: Lolz

Though they say practice makes perfect.  I think I am qualified to call myself a pro. Nowadays I make sure I don’t forget the essential (indispensable) items that I am supposed to travel with. 

Below are 7 indispensable items most travellers often forget to pack when packing. So before you zip your bag make sure the 7 items are in your bag

7 indispensable items most travellers often forget to pack when packing

You need enough underwear

ThePoorTraveler said, “Underwear is a different beast”. You can comfortably re-wear or reuse your top, polo, t-shirts, and trousers but you will be uncomfortable on dirty underwear and socks.

Ask yourself this simple question as you have decided to pack little underwear. What if I am soaked in the rain or I want to a cross river? What would I wear? The truth is sometimes we may need more than one underwear in a day. It is always good to pack extra underwear. As you plan your budget, include money for laundry. 

Don’t forget basic medicine

A group of friends went on a field trip one day and in the midst of the excitement and fun, the unfortunate thing happened. A very long green snake bites of them. Because they had no first aid box or some basic drugs, they have to rush the victim to a nearby hospital that was far away. 

Now say God forbid. Yea! No one wishes to be ill or sustain any injury while traveling or on a holiday. However, you still need to pack some basic medicines like painkiller, cold and flu medicine, plaster, antiseptics etc. In case if you sustain a minor injury, you can treat yourself without creating a scene or visiting any pharmacy. 

Don’t forget a lock (You need It)

I emphasized much on the need for a lock when I wrote an article on 7 Indispensable Travel Tips On How To Safeguard Your Luggage While TravellingYou might not know the importance of locking your bag until you become a victim. One way to avoid theft is by locking your bag. Once thieves see your bag is locked, they will choose another victim. 

7 indispensable items most travellers often forget to pack when packing
Flip Flop (Footwear)

Don’t forget flip-flop (footwear) 

I know I’m not the only one here. I hardly travel with my flip-flop and I don’t know why I keep them at home. Flip flop can be used or worn around when you arrive at your destination. This is the best holiday footwear. It is possible you’ll buy another one at your destination but that’s just an unnecessary expense and you might not see the one you like. 

7 indispensable items most travellers often forget to pack when packing

Don’t forget plug adapter 

I arrived late at my destination one day and my phone batteries were flat. So, I needed to charge the batteries after check-in. I tried to plug my phone charger but I was unable to plug it because my phone charger and the hotel electricity socket did not match. I was so frustrated that night because I know I have an adapter I use for my gadgets but I intentional left it at home hoping to get one at the hotel.

Since that day on, I formed it as a habit to always travel with my adapter. Not all the hotels have an adapter that can suit your charger. Some hotels may even sell or rent the adapter. Of cause you know if you buy or rent, that will be another unnecessary expense.

Don’t forget your reusable water can  

This is one thing my parents never forget to put in my school bag back in the days (smile). Reusable water can is essential. Though it may look bulky but it has lots of benefits. Some cities have potable water from the tap or fountain. So, there is no need to buy water after the one you have is finished. All you will do is to refill the can and that will save you money you would have used to buy water. 

It is not the water inside a bottle that is expensive rather the bottle. Don’t litter the environment, always dispose of in a disposable bin around you. 

7 indispensable items most travellers often forget to pack when packing

Don’t forget ear plugs (Headphone)

This is one thing I don’t forget. Even if I do, I must buy another one anywhere I see it. I am this kind of person that love listening to music when traveling. A headphone is indispensable especially when you are in a noisy public vehicle. It can also help when you want to rest or sleep. 

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