6 Benefits of Hiring a Holiday Planner in an Organization

Planning for staff holiday whether within the country or abroad is not an easy task, especially in a large firm (company). Employing a holiday planner or outsourcing a holiday planner is important for an organization. The holiday planner will be responsible for planning all staff annual leave and any other important holidays. For instance, if the top managers of the company need to attend conference or workshop, or staff travel incentive, the holiday planner will use his/her experience to make sure that everything is put in place about the travel. If it requires visa and airline ticket the holiday planner will make sure all that is in place.

Below are the 6 Benefits of Hiring a Holiday Planner in an Organization

  1. Time and cost.

Holiday planners save time and the cost of organizing staff information. Holiday planners prepare a database to save all the staff relevant information, especially in a large organization. Information such as education history, date of birth, state of origin, passport data page and other relevant information. Whenever any staff is embarking on a holiday, this information can easily be pulled out and travel arrangement will be made without wasting time and money.

  1. Simplicity and efficiency

Holiday planners work with human resources department to maintain efficacy in the department. This makes it possible for the holiday planning team to plan for holidays. This system makes it easy for staff to apply for holiday and on the other hand, the holiday planner will make sure that all pending requests are handled efficiently.

  1. Save resources

As a holiday planner is responsible for planning holidays, he/she will show staff that are available and the ones that traveled for a holiday. Holiday planners also plan for important events like company’s anniversary, workshops etc and plan to make sure everything is put in place. A holiday planner can save organization resources by providing lists of staff that are on duty and those that are on holiday so that the available resources can be allocated accordingly.

  1. Transparent

Holiday planning team makes it possible for all staff to be at ease and not feel cheated when it is time to go on leave. Holiday planner makes the process of leave approval transparent by applying some level of professionalism. When travel incentive is giving to staff it encourages them to do more and increase productivity.

  1. Travel arrangement.

Holiday planner is responsible for preparing travel documents (Airline tickets, visa, passport, insurance etc) for any staff going on a holiday or incentive travel. Starting from visa processing to hotel reservation to buying of an airline ticket are all the responsibilities of holiday planners. Holiday planner job ends when the staff that embarks on a holiday returns.

  1. Managing shift and overtime

Over laboured staff reduces productivity. In other to prevent a reduction in productivity, holiday planner is saddled with the responsibility of sharing task and responsibilities of among staff.

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