5-Year-Old Girl Travels Alone on A Long Flight

Pilots and passengers were excited when they found out that there was an unaccompanied 5-year-old girl on Southwest Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Orlando.

One of the pilots showed little Aisley Schatz love when the Airlines crew found out that she was hungry. During the layover, the pilot went to the food court at Eppley Airfield and bought some KFC chicken strips and potato wedges for the 5-year-old.

Aisley Schatz’s mother Natasha Schatz said “He went above and beyond,”

5-Year-Old Girl Travels Alone on A Long Flight
5 Year Old girl on a solo travel poses with Southwest pilots

According to proud mom, she said her daughter was returning home after visiting her grandparents.

The southwest Airlines policy allows minors to travel alone, even on a long flight, but it must be a nonstop flight or a layover flight that does not require changing flights.

The pilots were not the only ones that assisted the little girl. When Aisley Schatz wanted to call her parents but was unable to reach them, one of the cabin crews gave her personal phone to make a video call via Facetime during the layover.

The happy mom thanked the pilot and crew for showing a kind gesture to her daughter via a Facebook post.

Capt. Wes Huston, disclosed to newsmen in an interview on Wednesday, tthat he’s a father of two boys, and when he found out the girl was hungry, his dad instincts kicked in.

He said he’s flown into Omaha many times over the years and knew there was a KFC in the food court — he also knew that kids love chicken strips.
“That is always a sure hit,” he said.

Schatz said it was the first time her daughter had flown by herself. Schatz said it made her feel good that the crew treated her daughter like she was their own.

“It made me happy there were people who would take care of her,” she said.

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