5 ways to stay sane during a long haul flight

Long haul flights are both amazing and terrible. They are amazing because being on one means you are on your way to an adventure in an incredible destination and terrible because the flight itself can be boring and uncomfortable. There are other passengers to worry about too. When you are sitting in close proximity to them for a long period of time, their behaviour can become irritating. Luckily for you, with our list of five ways to stay sane during a long haul flight, you can still enjoy long haul travel without worrying about the flight:

1. Pack a sleeping kit

Your long haul flight is going to go by a lot easier if you actually manage to get some sleep. The likelihood, with a long haul flight, is that it will overlap with some proportion of your sleeping hours, so to really arrive at your destination feeling fresh you should make every effort to get some rest. If you pack yourself a travel pillow, a sleeping mask and some earplugs, you’ll drastically increase your chances of getting some rest. There are plenty of tips to help you get some sleep on a plane online.

2. Pack your electronics

You will want something to keep you entertained during your flight. Let’s face it, the in-flight movies often aren’t up to stratch. Instead, why not make sure that you have downloaded movies that you actually want to watch on a tablet or laptop to enjoy? You could also pack an e-reader loaded with plenty of books to keep you entertained or bring an MP3 player with full of music for you to enjoy.

3. Don’t pack too much in your cabin bag

It can be tempting to overpack your cabin bag so that you have more allowance in your suitcase or to protect expensive items that you really don’t want to end up lost. This is a bad idea though because stowing large bags on the plane can be an absolute nightmare. Try and only take on the essentials to save yourself that fight with the overhead cabin. Remember, that you can also purchase insurance to cover your personal possessions while travelling, which could help give you peace of mind.

4. Pack snacks

Aeroplane food not only tastes terrible but, it’s also really unhealthy. It is often full of sugar, which can lead to a slump in energy just around the time you’re getting off the plane. Make sure you pack yourself some healthy snacks to ensure that fatigue doesn’t hit you once you reach your destination. You can find plenty of ideas for healthy snacks online.

5. Drink plenty of water

When you are in the air, it’s especially important that you keep yourself hydrated. When in the air the humidity decreases by about 20-30%, which means that you need to take in more water than you normally would in order to prevent dehydration. You should also try and avoid alcohol because this dehydrates the body too. Try and drink around 250ml of water every hour to ensure you leave the plane in a good state.

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