5 Ways To Survive Long Distance Journey

When travelling on a long distance journey, no matter the mode of transportation you are using either by air, road or train, there are some certain things you need to do to avoid unforeseen contingencies. So today, sagetravels your travel partner will be sharing 5 tips that would be essential when you are planning a long distance journey.

Sleep before you start a long distance journey


A pastor in my local church was telling us a story on what happened on his last trip. He entered a friend’s car not knowing that the friend was not prepared for that journey. After driving for like one hour, he parked the car. According to him, he thought his friend wanted to get something across the road but instead he recycling the car seat and started sleeping in the middle of nowhere.

Many people are guilty here. Some prefer to take caffeinated beverages to stay awake instead of taking a time to sleep. It is a very bad habit to drive when you are tired or feeling sleepy. Sleep is a nature call and can never be substituted with anything. Don’t drive when you are tired and sleepy even if you are almost late. It’s better to be late than never. It’s better for you to book a flight if you think where you are going is so urgent that you must be there. You can book a cheap flight with us.

5 Ways To Survive Long Distance Journey
Road Sign

Know your routes and The Rules

Just imagine you are in a car and after driving for like 4 hours, you see your driver turning the car and when you asked why he said: “Sorry I missed the route”. Just picture yourself and tell me in the comment box how you would feel. Before going on a long trip, make sure you know your routes, road signs and the laws guiding the routes. If you don’t know your route very well, ask questions.

Protect your luggage

Just make sure you pack wisely whenever you are travelling on a long distance. Make sure all your valuable items are in a secured bag. If you are travelling by air or road you may be been hearing some passengers complaining that they bag is missing. Some luggage handlers are the specialist in stealing so, don’t be a victim. The best way to protect your valuable is to put it in your carry-on.

Inform your friends and family before travelling

Before you travel, let your family or friends know about your itinerary. Inform them when you will be travelling, the route and the mode of transportation. As the journey progresses, keep them updated via text, call, and chat. When you get to your destination, also inform them you arrived safely.

5 Ways To Survive Long Distance Journey
Be Vigilant – Photo Credit pixabay

Be vigilant

This is very important especially if you are traveling. Be vigilant don’t let anything distract you. Let your mind be at rest. Don’t lose focus. If you are driving alone, let not your heart trouble you. Don’t conceive any negative thoughts to avoid distractions. If you are not driving, you can start reading or listening to good music or playing a game with your phone.

Long distance journey is not for the fainted heart. It requires adequate preparation before departure. Before you depart, give yourself adequate rest. Don’t be like me that after attending an all-night vigil, I packed my bag and started travelling. Of course, you don’t need to be told that I slept all through the journey. That was a bad experience. Don’t try it because it is dangerous.

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