10 Genius Travel Hacks for Parents for a Stress-Free Trip

For those planning to travel with kids, read this to get a clear idea of managing everything. There are easy-to-follow tips to keep kids safe, entertained, and healthy while on the way. You can now lessen the stress factor and increase the fun factor with some simple travel tips and tricks.

Are you planning to use the bbq grill that you have this summer and have some friends over? Well, that is a great idea, no doubt. But, why not think of traveling to some new places this summer along with the kids? 

Traveling always helps with unwinding the stress that we all suffer from due to everyday work and chores. But when the same is done with kids, it is not very carefree. As parents, we need to look after our little ones along with having fun. The best way to prepare for a vacation when going with kids is to refer to some travel tips. The travel tips help form a checklist and mention the important things that should be kept in mind while traveling with kids. 

It is better to be prepared than to get overwhelmed by the kids’ sudden demands. These travel tips mention the foods to carry and other travel packing tips and tricks to ensure that both the parents and kids can enjoy the time together. So, without delaying any further, let’s start looking through these helpful travel tips.  

General travel tips for parents 

Have plenty of time on hand

When we travel alone, we generally don’t have much time between packing and boarding the flight. With kids, this is one thing that we mustn’t do. The first and most important travel tip is to have enough time when packing and boarding the flight. Missing the flight because you were stuck at security with milk bottles and strollers is the worst feeling.  

Pack wisely

Another important travel tip when a vacation includes kids is to pack wisely. You never know what the kids or toddlers end up needing. Make sure to pack all the necessities, from diapers and food to spare clothing, but remember not to overpack. Yes, you read it right because heavy baggage will be very inconvenient. So, leave the things that you can easily buy at the destination. 

Involving the kids

Hidden travel tips and tricks are to involve the kids when creating the trip itinerary. This way, they will be mentally prepared for what’s to come next and will be able to adapt to new surroundings. We know not many parents think about this, but it is effective, which is why it is mentioned here as one of the travel tips. 

Ask for discounts

Asking for children’s discounts is not a very easy task, but it becomes easier once you do it in some situations. Why should vacations be all about having a good time? Why not try saving some extra bucks along the way? You will be surprised to see that throughout the trip, many services provide child discounts. Some travel tips are also budget travel tips in disguise.


Usually, as parents, we only book the flight and the hotel rooms, but why stop there? Go ahead and book tables at famous restaurants and passes for different attractions. This way, you will not have to wait in queues at different places because waiting alone is bad, but it is the worst with kids.

Snacks and food

It is a basic rule among us parents that some things should always be carried when going out with kids. One of these things is food. Ready-to-eat food and quick snacks have always been a part of travel tips because when kids get hungry, they become whiny. Thus, it is wise to carry food for both ourselves and the kids.

Don’t forget some “me time”

Don’t forget to enjoy yourselves when on vacation. You have been stressed and losing sleep for many nights, so use this vacation to blow off some steam. Take the kids to some themed/adventure parks, play zones, or swimming pools. While they remain busy enjoying themselves, you can also make the best out of this time.

Contact information

Through notes or stickers, ensure that your child has your basic contact information. For older kids, make them memorize the details.

Special needs

If you or anyone from your family has any health issues or allergies, learn to talk about it in the destination’s local language. Another alternative to these travel tips is to use online translators. Make sure to carry basic stomachache, headache, allergy, motion sickness, etc., medicines, and other important prescribed medications. 

Identification papers

When travelling to foreign countries or even to different states, a basic travel tip is to carry valid identification documents. Through these, you can prove your citizenship and family identity.

Traveling with babies 

As much as travel tips are needed to keep toddlers and kids happy and entertained, such tips are also useful when traveling with babies. As parents, we would never want our kids to feel unhappy or unsettled. 

When traveling, babies may find it difficult to equalize their ears and feel discomfort. The best travel tip for this is to feed them in such situations. The sucking motion will keep them distracted and help with adjusting their ears. Apart from this tip, the most common travel tip is to carry spare clothing, wet wipes, and diapers. Wet, smelly, and dirty is not the way you or your baby would like to travel.

Keeping kids comfortable

It takes kids some time to settle into new surroundings, so some more travel tips will ensure they stay comfortable throughout the trip. 

  • Flying with children

Starting with flight boarding, the best travel tips for long flights are to choose the right flight timing. The best timing is near the child’s sleeping schedule so that they can sleep through the entire flight. Another helpful travel tip is making your kids carry their luggage. In reference to international travel packing tips, try to pack their luggage light to carry it around. Also, have longer layovers and fewer waiting lines.

  • Reaching the destination

Another important travel tip is to ensure that all your kids have fun at the destination. For this to happen, choose the activities they may enjoy and do them as a family, helping with family bonding. After the trip, you may feel even closer to your kids.

  • Food tips for kids

On a trip, sudden food demands always bring stress to parents, which is why we think this topic is an important travel tip. On vacation, kids have all sorts of demands, and junk food is one such demand, making them eat healthier is out of the question. But, we will not lose this battle! Some of the effective food travel tips are:

  • Pack food in carry-on bags and suitcases.
  • Have the kids take multivitamin gummies.
  • Introduce them to new foods to widen their palette.
  • Don’t forget to set a good example by having good eating habits yourself.


All the above family travel tips may seem a bit tiring to follow, but we can say with certainty that once you follow them, the trip will be fun and exciting. While the list may look long, we know most of them are basic instincts for most parents. This list highlights them and some more hidden travel tips. Make sure to read through them and let us know which travel tips made your trip wonderful!

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