10 Different Types of People You Will Always Meet At The Airport

As we all know, Airport is a place for commercial air transport. There are two different types of airport – Domestic and International airport. Some airports are always busy in a country and there are always open for business 24 hours daily.

Despite the fact that there are diverse types of an airport, there are 10 Different Types of people you will always meet at Any Airport either domestic or international airport. I fall under one out of the ten. I will tell you when we get there.

Man Running – Pixabay

The late comer

In everything, you must see late comers so the airport is not exceptional. They always believe it’s better to be late than never. You see the late comers run into the airport with their luggage and they usually create chaos at the check-in counter when you don’t let them in. When cutting the queue did not work, you will see them trying to bribe the airport staff.

The pervert

Every airport has a pervert, not just the international airports alone. I call them Sidon the look. They usually sit and stare at people tremendously, possibly making lewd gestures. And also they have they eyes glued to a pornographic magazine or watch a porn movie loudly without minding the environment. They are the type that also asks crazy questions and starting an unnecessary conversation.

The tourist

This is my category. You can identify them by the way they dressed. Most times you see them wearing fur coats, winter jackets or flowery shirts, depending on the destination they are heading to. They are always concerned about their destination and above all, they are the best travelers. hehe

Celebrity at the airport – Pixabay

The celebrity

The celebrities, both the local and international celebrities pass the airports on a daily basis. When we talk about celebrities we include those that false themselves to be a celebrity. You usually see those wearing sunglasses, always demanding special attention and someone carrying the bag.

First timers

These sets of people are the novice and clueless. They don’t know where to go, what to do and they have no idea what is going on. They look nervous and keep asking a lot of questions. You see them going around the airport looking lost. I was once in this category and even some of you reading this post. It’s always good to assist them with information that will help them.

The Parents

These set of passengers usually have a baby or children. You often see them looking exhausted from struggling with marshaling the children. Sometimes passengers feel sympathy for them and carry their baby.

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Business Meeting

The business men

The usually look co-operate and take a lot of phone calls. They usually let everyone know how important they journey is. You know normally it’s not proper for passengers to answer phone call aboard but you see them yelling into a phone over some dilemma after the flight attendant has asked everyone to switch off their mobile devices

The gadget slaves

This is my category again lolz. I can’t stay idle without touching my gadget. Normally you see these passengers with earphones plugged in their ears, and always pressing their laptop, iPad or mobile phones. Most times they don’t even look around not to talk of interacting with people.

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Couple Travelling Together

Romeo and Juliet (The lovebirds)

When I call them Romeo and Juliet I guess you know what that means. Those that are always gummed together, sit together, feed themselves, and laugh loudly at each other’s jokes and if you allow them they don’t mind going through security together. Most times, they wear the same clothes and take an endless selfie together. They can even make you uncomfortable.

Women Sleeping at the Airport – Pixabay

The sleepers

These set of people eh, they case is in the hands of God. They are always careless; they are not bothered about their luggage being stolen, and some of them even snoring at a public place. They don’t care about things happening around them.

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